Feel Good Sunday Update: Sunday Dec 11th to be Horse and Donkey Health Day on SFTHH

Get some free Horse & Donkey healthcare info here tomorrow on Feel Good Sunday

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Pele, Bart and Harley ~ photo by Terry Fitch Pele, Bart and Harley ~ photo by Terry Fitch

With our thoughts on the holidays, family and friends let us not forget our kind companions that grace the pastures behind our homes; it is essential that we stay focused on the health, safety and welfare of not only our wild equine brothers and sisters but also our domestic friends be they equine, canine or feline…they are all beloved and cherished.

Over the past several weeks our volunteer News Editor has been gathering articles on equine health so in an effort to make Sunday a happy day we will be sharing a cornucopia of Horse and Donkey health articles for you to collect, review and utilize as you see fit.

Check in tomorrow, and download till you drop.

Merry Christmas.

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