BLM Board (Bored) Meets in Nevada: Pack of Liars Minus One

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Commentary by R.T. Fitch, co-founder/president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“I didn’t make it, but that does not mean we are not paying attention.

Our sympathies go out to Ginger Kathrens who is stuck sitting amongst a bunch of special interest anti-horse/burro bigots who allegedly advise the Federal government’s most corrupt and vile agency, the BLM.  Horse haters all!

The meeting was being streamed live at ( and conveniently went dead JUST before public comments were about to be made.  Imagine that…but one of our readers did manage to snag the bulk of comments in form of a transcript (

Most troubling was Dean Bolstadt talk where he misrepresented the facts and as usual, lied about the numbers:

67,000 on the range March 1st
9,000 foals born since March 1st
= 75,000 in the wild today
plus 44,000+ in holding.

Bolstadt is “alluding to” having…

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